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Director Linda Waite was interviewed for the Population Reference Bureau’s Webcast series about her research.

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Fall CoA Newsletter
The inaugural CoA Newsletter is now available!

Letter from the Director

With the approach of Winter I am pleased to present the inaugural issue of ourNewsletter for the Center on Demography and Economics of Aging (CoA). Through the newsletter, we aim to share the activities, developments, research projects and people involved in the Center. The CoA has helped its faculty associates conceptualize and carry out novel and innovative research for 19 years, playing a key role in the growth of aging research at the University of Chicago and beyond. Support from both the National Institute on Aging (P30 AG012857) and NORC at the University of Chicago helps us cultivate a thriving Center through which we produce interdisciplinary research on aging. In these pages we share our history, publication highlights, and plans for the current and upcoming quarters.

Our beautiful, updated offices and conference spaces are housed by NORC at the University of Chicago. NORC staff members are invaluable to the CoA, providing essential administrative, project management and computing services to CoA associates and trainees. The result is an exciting, dynamic environment that fosters daily interaction and interdisciplinary collaboration amongst our members and visitors. Hosting regular collaborative events, such as investigator meetings, working groups, workshops, and conferences, is just one way in which NORC facilitates opportunities for today’s scholars to engage in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research.

In launching the CoA newsletter we intend to highlight the recent accomplishments of our 31 associates, 16 affiliates, and 7 trainees, including examples of their diverse, cutting- edge (and often multi-disciplinary) research. Our membership includes a wide spectrum of scholars, representing a variety of personal and disciplinary backgrounds, areas of expertise, and stages in their careers. We are unified by a common interest in advancing age- related research and by opportunities to collaborate and participate in CoA related projects and events. Our goal in launching this newsletter is to share some of these achievements with our members and others whom we hope will find our work intriguing.

In this issue, you will read about our associates’ activities, such as new research on marital quality in late life and the development of a new economic model for expediting the trial phase of pharmaceutical development. You will also read about our specialized training program in the demography and economics of aging at the University of Chicago, also funded by an NIA grant (T32 AG000243), which provides promising young pre-doctoral and post- doctoral scholars critical resources for developing research skills and publications in the fields of demography and aging.

The CoA fosters and supports research on aging through the work of our faculty associates and affiliates and through our training programs. We also work closely with other centers within the Academic Research Centers of NORC at the University of Chicago, such as the Population Research Center (PRC). We invite you to attend the Demography Workshops that we co-host with the PRC on Thursdays at noon and to contact us to discuss collaboration possibilities. We invite faculty from other institutions to visit the CoA and hope this newsletter will inform and inspire interest in the Center.


Linda J. Waite signature

Linda J. Waite

Lucy Flower Professor of Sociology

University of Chicago

Director, Center on Demography and Economics of Aging

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Data from the first wave of the Japanese Study of Aging and Retirement (JSTAR) is available for public use. JSTAR is designed to be highly comparable to the HRS, SHARE and ELSA studies. Shared data on Japan is quite rare, so this is an exciting development. Information about the study and application procedures for accessing the data can be found at the RIETI website.

The Specialized Training Program in the Demography and Economics of Aging is funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) grant, #T32000243. Since its inception during the 1994-95 school year, the program has consistently produced productive and engaged young scholars in the field of aging research and demography. The program is designed to train graduate students interested in the demography and economics of aging through the development of basic and applied research, and policy-making and analysis.

Each year, the program supports four predoctoral fellows with at least two years of graduate work at the University of Chicago in addition to two postdoctoral fellows from across the United States. In 2009, the training program was expanded to include student affiliates, who do not qualify for financial support the program’s NIA fellowships, in their first three years of graduate work at the University in addition to the six trainees. In addition to the pre-doctoral and postdoctoral trainees, pre-doctoral affiliates actively participate in the training program, taking classes, working with Center mentors, and attending the Demography Workshop and postmortem. This expansion further increases exposure to the demography and economics of aging research among incoming graduate students; encourages young scholars to pursue demography and aging research; and increases collaboration in aging research at the CoA, the Population Research Center, and the University of Chicago.

The three departments/schools that participate in the training program are Economics, Sociology and the Harris School of Public Policy Studies, with some faculty from the Health Studies Department, the School of Social Service Administration and the Booth Graduate School of Business. In addition, the program attracts occasional applicants from other departments and schools including Health Studies, History, Human Development and the Booth Graduate School of Business and the School of Social Service Administration.

See theAutumn 2010 Population Research Center Newsletter announcing the expansion of the Training Program for its 16th year!

In addition to maintaining an active research environment, the Center on Aging hosts workshops and lectures to advance the study of the Demography and Economics of Aging both at the University of Chicago and elsewhere. The Demography Workshop (LINK) hosts scholars from research centers and institutions of higher learning from across the United States on a weekly basis to present and discuss their research with students and faculty at the University of Chicago. Additionally, the Center hosts the Chicago Core on Biomarkers in Population-Based Aging Research’s (CCBAR) annual workshop, which facilitates an ongoing discussion and collaboration on biomarker collection in population-based research on aging.

For further information on these and more events at the Center on Aging and related to the Demography and Economics of aging, please use the navigation links to the left.

The Center on Demography and Economics of Aging (CoA), directed by Linda Waite, is one of eight research centers housed within the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) Academic Research Centers at the University of the Chicago. The CoA was established as an Exploratory Center in 1994 with a P-20 grant from the National Institute on Aging (NIA). Currently, the CoA (Grant P30 AG012857) is one of fourteen NIA funded Centers across the U.S. which investigate aspects of health and health care, the societal impact of population aging, and the economic and social circumstances of the elderly.

The CoA aims to: (1) foster an exciting, dynamic intellectual environment for research in the demography and economics of aging; (2) provide research support services; (3) encourage the development of new research projects and research foci in the demography and economics of aging; and (4) support and facilitate the inclusion and analysis of biomeasures of health in new and ongoing projects at the University of Chicago and elsewhere. It provides support for research projects in four key areas: (1) social relationships, living arrangements, and family; (2) the social context of aging; (3) health care research; and (4) biobehavioral pathways.

The Center operates using three cores, which facilitate and support an active program of research and training: (A) the Administration and Research Support Core, directed by Linda Waite, which provides general administrative support to Center associates; (B) the Program Development Core, directed by Kathleen Cagney, consisting of a program of small-scale and pilot projects and support for new faculty development in aging; and (C) the External Innovative Network Core, directed by Stacy Tessler Lindau, with a focus on biomarkers in population-based aging research.

The Center supports a highly diverse faculty of 47 research affiliates in sociology, economics/business, the Pritzker School of Medicine, the School of Social Service Administration, and the Harris School of Public Policy. The research portfolios of faculty members draw upon expertise in medicine, epidemiology, and the biological and social sciences. The Center has nourished an environment for research in the demography and economics of aging by providing research support services, encouraging the development of new research projects and research foci, and facilitating collaborative research and teaching among scientists working in the field of aging research.